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NEW Capit Suit Dryer warm / cold air

NEW Capit Suit Dryer warm / cold air
NEW Capit Suit Dryer warm / cold
As can be understood from the article’s name, it born to dry the motorcycle rider leather suits and/or car driver textile suits (but it can be used for different clothing).
Even this product offers the double option hot/cold air, so it can dry one suite in very short time (impossible with cold air only), and one excellent ventilation flow.
This article is made with ABS shell and aluminum components so it is resistant and light in same time.
SUIT DRYER is designed to optimize performance and use in all conditions and it has been tested with some of the best riders in the World Championships to improve comfort and avoid any problems risks top the suit.
This products combines the beautiful appearance and excellent performance typical of the “Made in Italy” but without high price.
  • suitable for: Leather Suits, Textile Suits, etc.

This product is suitable for several vehicles.
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