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Capit Deluxe Indoor Motorcycle Bike Cover Garage Fireproof

Capit Deluxe Indoor Motorcycle Bike Cover Garage Fireproof
Brandnew Capit Motorcycle Bike covers are unique in the world with these characteristics:
- used by MotoGP and SBK champions
- made in polyester 100% plushy
- internal scratchproof and fireproof over 200°C
- stretch and tear resistant
- it can be used on every bike
- highly transpirant to avoid condensation inside
- external treatment oil repellent (rain-resistant)
- protects the bike also from UVA, no discoloration over time
- it is customizable with every logo at side and/or frontally (some costs more)
- 3 years warranty and totally made in Italy 100%
- equipped with a practical and beautiful bag Capit
  • Colour: black, red, blue, orange, yellow, green
  • made in italy

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